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Service network in 69+ countries
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Service Process
On-site construction
Planning and designing
Production stage
Withdrawal of the exhibition
Familiar with the exhibitors' informations and communicate the booth design scheme
Determine the price and sign the contract
On-site booth construction, complete the structure construction according to the designing, cooperate with the customer product installation
Designers communicate with customers about designing, submit the draft and modified it according to the feedbacks , and then finalize
Determine the construction drawings, prepare materials and arrange for production. Completing the exhibition procedures required by the organiser
Provide mid-show maintenance service, cooperate with customers' products to leave the site and dismantle booths
4 Core Advantages of Choosing Us
Four core strengths of the industry's excellent brand
Customized Service
Strong Capability
Fast Speed
Excellent Service
-24h fast drawings, provide creative ideas, programme modification until satisfaction -The landing effect is highly compatible with the designing,quality assurance
-Global operation, service network covers more than 60 countries and 100 regions around the world. -Directly operated factories, removing intermediate price, providing super cost-effective construction. -Comprehensively meet customer design and construction requirements, serving more than 900 customers.
-Have self-owned service team, not outsourcing -Exhibitions can be completed in as quickly as 12 hours, with efficient delivery.
Provide one-stop service of booth design and construction, marketing planning, creative design and on-site construction. -Professional team, adhering to the service concept of "serve a customer, satisfy a customer". Project manager on-site follow-up service, fast response, stable and reliable. Integrity-based, service first, we provide you with professional, responsible and value-added services!
Hlmesse focuses on providing one-stop comprehensive services such as global exhibition design and construction, event planning, exhibition hall decoration, business travel customisation, etc. Tricore has a strong global service team. We have a strong global service team, the team members are from the marketing, exhibition industry elite, with a wealth of experience in A and B services, has been very accurate and efficient for nearly 100 companies around the world to provide excellent quality exhibition brand planning, design and construction services. Our service footprint spreads in more than 60 countries and more than 100 regions around the world, including domestic, the United States, Germany, Spain, Russia, Dubai, Japan, Australia, Egypt, Thailand, etc., and we have successfully served the Guangzhou Building Materials Exhibition, Guangya Exhibition, Shenzhen Security Expo, U.S. CES, Spain MWC, ISE Germany IFA, Intersloar, Medical, Dubai, Vape show, Japan Interbase, and other exhibitions. Vape show, Japan Interbee and other large-scale exhibitions, senior experience makes our service network very mature. We have our own technical team for booth construction services around the world. No matter where you are, our extensive service network can provide you with high-quality booth design, construction and landing and other comprehensive exhibition services.
As a global professional exhibition design and construction company, we hope that from the perspective of design layout and construction, we can help enterprises stimulate brand vitality, highlight brand connotation, deepen the relationship between brands and consumers by strengthening the scene presentation and enhancing the brand texture, so as to pull in the distance with consumers. Over the years, Prosperity International Exhibition has won the trust and support of many exhibitors, construction counterparts and relevant government agencies through its rigorous and professional and responsible service attitude. Adhering to the concepts of pioneering, continuous self-improvement, and win-win co-operation, we give full play to our own strengths, and have become a trustworthy design and construction company for global exhibitions.
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